Thursday, 28 July 2011

A post in which I go dotty

So I got my hands on a large noticeboard for a mere £1
It wasn't pretty
And it had paint stains on the frame
So I de-constructed it and painted the frame 

Got some cheap blue fabric that I liked
Stretched it over and stapled it on at the back
Then I swiftly reassembled it with the help of  a little No More Nails
I say de-constructed and reassembled, the truth is more ripped it apart with
 hubby's help and a lot of swearing  sweating as well as a few tools 
and it actually took me ages to getting around to putting it back together.
Other than that it was a piece of cake! 
I hung it on the back of the kitchen door with eyes screwed in to the top and hooks on the door.
Bigger and better suited for all the bits of paper passing through here 
it replaced the small one that I adapted for the boys room.

I look at it now and think it would have been better with ribbons across like this, 
but I'll be darned if I take it apart again as I don't really fancy a fight with 
No More Nails that I suspect I'd lose.

Monday, 18 July 2011

A post where your imagination plays a part.

is where I'd like you to imagine below corner unit in a state of unpainted as I yet again have not taken a before photo! 

I don't plan to do things, 
they seem to just happen and suddenly before I know it I am and halfway through a project and I think "Amazing how different this thing looks painted, if there only was a before photo I could share it on the blog."
This time the project looked like this when the thought occurred.
I had painted the untreated wood twice with grey undercoat. 
Why grey you ask, well it had to be grey or white as that was all I had at home and when I decide to paint I want to paint NOW not go shopping for paint or materials. 
Told you I don't plan to do things.
 and here is the finished result, carefully painted. 
I had to do three of four coats to cover properly but the finished result looks great.
This little beauty is now in the downstairs bathroom.
I also painted a very tired looking loo roll holder which now is more pleasing to look at.
 Again, no before photo so you'll just have to imagine the flaky rusty bits....
If I ever get around to finishing that room it will look great and I might show you more than the grimy bits lurking along the wall in this photo.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Hello and welcome!

Oh, what a nice surprise, I just got back from holiday to discover I have 4 followers!! Wow!

Hello and welcome! Nice to see you all!

I guess I better pull my pants up and post a few things before you all get bored and leave!
I'll get on to that and hopefully have something for you in a few days.

'Til then dear friends!