Monday, 22 August 2011


This was a plain letter rack in a dark brown stain.
All I did was spray it red, painted chipboard letters white an glued them on.
An instant "postbox" by the front door for outgoing post.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Music boxes

The cubbyholes on my desk always accumulate bits,
bits that make it look untidy, various USB leads, notebooks, chargers and so on.
I found a couple of boxes that were a perfect fit and covered them in music sheets to make them look nice.
Easy peasy.
Actually I lie, the boxes didn't fit, at all,
I emptied lots of cereal boxes and other food boxes to find a fit 
but all to no avail. 
I had to somewhat reconstruct a few to get a fit I was happy with and in my frustration I never thought to 
photograph my tormented struggles for your amusement!
So that will be left to your imaginations.

I thought the boxes looked OK but rather bland so I found some felt,
bought some beads, cut out some templates in paper...
used the templates to cut out felt flowers
then I stitched them all like this....
Then I tightened the thread 
and fixed it to make the flowers more 3 dimensional....
then I stacked the flowers and added beads

stitched it ll together
and hot glued it to the front of the boxes.
Much prettier and I'm very pleased with my now much tidier desk

Thursday, 18 August 2011

And then there was .....

.... a new name and a new look

Welcome to 

Paint 'n Glue and other things too

All graphics in the header are courtesy of The Graphics Fairy.
If you ever need unusual graphics she probably has what you are looking for,
actually she probably has what you didn't know you should be looking for!!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

I need to change......

....the name of my blog

I should have looked in to it before starting, but there seems to be loads of blogs and sites with the same name.
Not so good.

So at some point this name will change.................

question is, to what?????

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Spice rack

The spice rack was looking decidedly tired and grubby so
I decided it desperately needed a make over
 Out came the white paint and in no time at all it looked this nice and fresh!
 But the jars...oh, so mismatched ....
It's all Tesco's fault you know, they bloomin' keep changing their jars! 
How am I to ever get a matching set when they do that?
Well, I managed to get 12 of the same (yeah, OK, I admit I went out and bought 
two more with spices I know we'll use, to make up the set)
Then I created some labels, only using MS Word and clipart, 
I did a test print to make sure I got the size right
 Then I painstakingly cut the labels out and glued them on the jars
an this my friends is where I didn't think things through properly!
The labels stain!
Doh, it's only plain paper.
 I should have covered them with sticky-back plastic
 (in true Blue Peter spirit!) 
leaving an extra rim around to hold them in place
But I didn't...... 
See that jar....
the third from the left....
yep, it's already stained
 But, overall I am really pleased and for now those labels will stay
Maybe one day I will remove them and try again
or maybe I'll just buy pretty spice jars like these


The cream coloured one in the first picture is my favourite.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Naughty Alice

 I really like the advert for Naughty Alice by Vivienne Westwood 
and wanted to make it into a nice piece of "art" for my downstairs bathroom
As I was unable to find a cheap ornate frame to go
 with my vision of what I wanted to create 
I decided to make my own
I tried to "stiffen" a crocheted doily with wallpaper paste 
but that didn't work at all 
So I painted it with a few coats of black gloss to make it go hard 
and blend in with the frame 
 Then I  measured up what size pieces I needed 
and tried to get the pattern the same on both pieces that I was going to use
 I then hot glued the pieces to the corners
 To make it look like this
 The edges of the advert were a bit rough after me tearing it out of the magazine.....
yeah yeah, I know I should have cut it out but I acted on impulse!
anyway, I bought some ribbon the same colour as the printed border and hot glued it on all the way around but not until I had glued the advert to a pretty sheet of paper 
 After assembling it all this is the result!
I'm rather pleased with it.
Now just to get time and energy to coincide 
and I will paint those walls a nice red.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Funky Junk Interiors: Yes. You DO have what it takes.

Thank you Donna.
It was a very well timed post for me to read.

If you haven't met Funky Junk Donna yet I urge you to go to her blog and hang around a bit, she's truly inspiring and makes some pretty cool stuff.
Funky Junk Interiors