Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Spice rack

The spice rack was looking decidedly tired and grubby so
I decided it desperately needed a make over
 Out came the white paint and in no time at all it looked this nice and fresh!
 But the jars...oh, so mismatched ....
It's all Tesco's fault you know, they bloomin' keep changing their jars! 
How am I to ever get a matching set when they do that?
Well, I managed to get 12 of the same (yeah, OK, I admit I went out and bought 
two more with spices I know we'll use, to make up the set)
Then I created some labels, only using MS Word and clipart, 
I did a test print to make sure I got the size right
 Then I painstakingly cut the labels out and glued them on the jars
an this my friends is where I didn't think things through properly!
The labels stain!
Doh, it's only plain paper.
 I should have covered them with sticky-back plastic
 (in true Blue Peter spirit!) 
leaving an extra rim around to hold them in place
But I didn't...... 
See that jar....
the third from the left....
yep, it's already stained
 But, overall I am really pleased and for now those labels will stay
Maybe one day I will remove them and try again
or maybe I'll just buy pretty spice jars like these


The cream coloured one in the first picture is my favourite.

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