Monday, 8 August 2011

Naughty Alice

 I really like the advert for Naughty Alice by Vivienne Westwood 
and wanted to make it into a nice piece of "art" for my downstairs bathroom
As I was unable to find a cheap ornate frame to go
 with my vision of what I wanted to create 
I decided to make my own
I tried to "stiffen" a crocheted doily with wallpaper paste 
but that didn't work at all 
So I painted it with a few coats of black gloss to make it go hard 
and blend in with the frame 
 Then I  measured up what size pieces I needed 
and tried to get the pattern the same on both pieces that I was going to use
 I then hot glued the pieces to the corners
 To make it look like this
 The edges of the advert were a bit rough after me tearing it out of the magazine.....
yeah yeah, I know I should have cut it out but I acted on impulse!
anyway, I bought some ribbon the same colour as the printed border and hot glued it on all the way around but not until I had glued the advert to a pretty sheet of paper 
 After assembling it all this is the result!
I'm rather pleased with it.
Now just to get time and energy to coincide 
and I will paint those walls a nice red.

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